Non-Profit Policies

Statement posted: July 15, 2019

mission and activities

Jaffa Foundation's mission is to promote the life skills young that people need to flourish.


We are non-grant-making, which means we don't have a big pot of money to distribute to various projects. We don't have a fund-raising team. Rather, we undertake individual projects and develop partnerships that drive our mission: 

  • Pilot projects that field-test life skills education with real students. 
  • Educational research into the effectiveness of life skills education. 
  • Research with employers regarding skills needed in the workplace. 
  • Blogging and thought-leadership into the future of employment and skills. 
  • Support, including donations, to policy organisations, public sector organisations, charities, other non-profits, political parties, and individual politicians that have a progressive agenda for education and skills. 

financial arrangements between DAVID JAFFA, MAXINE JAFFA and JAFFA FOUNDATION

David and Maxine are putting their time for free into Jaffa Foundation. We don't envisage this changing while the annual revenues of Jaffa Foundation are below £250,000 per year. David and Maxine are currently financing the expenses of Jaffa Foundation personally. 

non-profit status

Jaffa Foundation is incorporated in England as a company limited by guarantee with Company Number 09353439. Companies limited by guarantee have 'members' instead of shareholders. The member(s), David Jaffa in this case, cannot distribute accumulated surpluses to themselves if the company is liquidated. It is a capital-locked structure. 

what is outside jaffa foundation's non-profit purposes?

It is outside Jaffa Foundation's non-profit purposes to make money(!) or to take commercial risks. For example, Jaffa Foundation will not roll-out any of the programs that it helped to pilot. If there is an opportunity to do that, it will be undertaken by a different entity. 

intellectual property

David Jaffa develops intellectual property in educational programs (such as the Entrepreneur Boot Camp) and his blog. This intellectual property is licensed to Jaffa Foundation for use in pilot programs and the Jaffa Foundation website on a non-exclusive basis. Ownership of this intellectual property belongs to David Jaffa, not Jaffa Foundation. David Jaffa reserves the right to license his intellectual property to other parties on a non-profit or for-profit basis. 


Maxine is looking to develop wellness programs, in which the intellectual property will be handled the same way as David's. 

Updates to this Policy

Any changes to this policy will be posted on this website and dated, with an archive maintained of previous statements for full transparency.