The Life Skills to Flourish · 28. January 2020
The skills needed for the future workplace are absolutely clear and can be accessed by most of us regardless of background. It turns out there is an Economic Ranking of Skills, which shows why some skills are becoming very valuable while the economic value of other skills is going down.

The Life Skills to Flourish · 13. July 2019
David Jaffa presents at the 2019 TPEA Conference: A Richer Curriculum.

The Life Skills to Flourish · 02. July 2018
Think about the way the world is today and the jobs and skills that are in demand. Now, imagine what these will be like in the economy of the future. You might be imagining automation (robot workers!); outsourcing (in-house jobs like the IT Support guy being replaced by a 3rd party service) and globalization (even more 3rd world call centres!) ...

The Life Skills to Flourish · 19. June 2018
When thinking about the future of education, planning on five-year timescales won't help us. We need look ahead in terms of one or two generations – which is twenty-five to fifty years ahead.

The Life Skills to Flourish · 04. June 2018
When thinking about the future, we don't normally think and plan in 30, 50 or 100-year timeframes. Because none of us even know what's going to happen next week, we feel like it's impossible to plan on longer timescales. But in fact, the future on a longer timescale can be very predictable...

The Life Skills to Flourish · 21. May 2018
We don't normally think of robots taking our jobs in the most positive of light.The future is, however, extremely positive. We can say that with a very high degree of certainty.

The Life Skills to Flourish · 21. April 2018
Jobs and skills that we sacrificed so much time and money to get are no longer “safe”. Automation, outsourcing and globalization are already taking away money that was once paid to humans – local humans at that. But is it all just doom and gloom?

19. October 2016
By: David Jaffa When I first started my educational software business - aged 28 - I was highly conflicted in my personal motivation towards the business. I wanted to do something great in education but realised that if I succeeded I would make a lot of money. And that just didn’t seem right. Three years later - aged 31 - my business was still highly unsuccessful. I had borrowed a large amount of money from family and friends that I had no prospect of ever paying back. I was living like a...