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Jaffa Foundation

Jaffa Foundation champions workplace readiness programs to prepare young people for a fantastic future - to be what's next. We do this through high profile pilot projects, research and policy influence. 

Our Programs

We work with schools, large corporations, national charities, and awarding bodies to create learning experiences that prepare young people for life after full-time education

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National Talent Academy

A beacon of hope for young people from disadvantaged communities and a showcase of what's possible. 

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Get Involved

We want to expand to more centres and want to hear from corporates, volunteers and youth-oriented non-profits.

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Policy Influence

We speak at education conferences, parliamentary groups and other events. 

"We build showcases of hope, that highlight the very best of what young people can do. Whatever background they may come from, we help them identify where they fit in the changing global economy and their unique area of contribution."


National Talent Academy

Modeled on the Football Academies, the National Talent Academy selects students from disadvantaged backgrounds, who very are ambitious to succeed in the workplace.


We coach them in work-related skills and help them find their talents and passions. Then we find them work placements and apprenticeships at prestigious companies that they wouldn't otherwise get. 

Economic Ranking of Skills

The economic ranking of skills model shows which skills are becoming more valuable and which skills are becoming less valuable in the global economy. We believe that most jobs in growth industries will center around eight or ten portable job functions that are needed in all industries. Most young people are a natural fit for one of them.

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Get In Touch

Get in touch if you want to use one of our programmes or support workplace readiness programmes for young people - or if you want us to speak at your conference.

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