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We believe the future of the workplace is highly predictable and the skills needed to thrive are already very clear (yup!) 


We are a non-profit, building a curriculum to teach young people the life skills to flourish and make a huge contribution to their chosen field. 


Our mission is to promote the life skills young that people need to flourish.


We are non-grant-making, and don't have a fund-raising team. Rather, we undertake individual projects and develop partnerships that drive our mission: 

  • Pilot projects that field-test life skills education with real students. 

  • Educational research into the effectiveness of life skills education. 

  • Research with employers regarding skills needed in the workplace. 

  • Thought-leadership and policy influence relating to the future of employment and skills. 

  • Support, including donations, to policy organisations, public sector organisations, charities, other non-profits, political parties, and individual politicians that have a progressive agenda for skills education. 


These activities are conducted within the scope of our Non-Profit Policies.


We were inspired to set up the Jaffa Foundation following a stay with Sir Richard Branson on Necker Island in 2014. We returned a year later to present the results of our study with Alliance Manchester Business School into the skills gaps among first jobbers that are most valued by top global employers. 


We live in London, with our three kids. Our family life is abuzz with the experience of entrepreneurship, financial literacy, character and wellness. 


David Jaffa founded EdTech companies SAM Learning in 2000 based in London, UK and Penda Learning (USA) in 2010. Penda Learning was sold to Learning 2020 in 2019. These companies have provided online learning for curriculum subjects to over 4 million primary and secondary school students in the UK, US and worldwide, with the mission of providing a launchpad for career and life. David is also an African Chief in Ghana, with the title Nene Bawa III.


David leads on the work-related component of the life skills curriculum. 



Maxine Jaffa is a former A-level psychology teacher with a background in neuropsychology. She has an honours degree with distinction in psychology from Rhodes University. Maxine worked as a researcher and writer at the Neuropsychoanalysis Centre at the Anna Freud Centre. She also worked as an assistant neuropsychologist at the Neuropychology Rehabilitation Unit at the Wellington Hospital London. She is a published author and her book Emotion is a collaboration with Mark Solms, Antonio Damasio, Oliver Sacks and Jaak Panksepp. She was personally trained as a life coach by Oprah’s Martha Beck.


Around one third of the life skills curriculum we are building is personal skills (not work-related), including the Wellness component led by Maxine. 


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