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NTA London Docklands

The first National Talent Academy is starting in October 2020 with the support of Morgan Stanley and a select group of Year 12 students from George Green's School in London Docklands. 


Our aim is to provide a beacon of hope for young people and create a showcase of what's possible. 

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The National Talent Academy (NTA) takes students that have a strong work ethic, are ambitious to succeed and want to make a big contribution to their future employer. We coach them in work-related skills and find skills they already have that are high prized in the workplace. Then we find them sought after work placements and apprenticeships in prestigious companies they wouldn't otherwise get.


The National Talent Academy is modeled on the Football Academy movement where they find young people with talent and give them fantastic coaching, a like-minded peer group, inspiring surroundings and contact with first team players. This helps them to develop and grow their skills to a very high level.  

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March 2023

Jaffa Foundation sponsors Innovate-Ed, a policy advisory group writing a white paper on how innovation in education can become more impactful for learners while at the same time being less disruptive to the education system.

The work is being delivered under the FED banner ( with the support of the British Education Suppliers Association (BESA and will form recommendations to government, education, business in time to inform actions of any new government post general election.

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