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The Futureproof Careers Framework was created by the Jaffa Foundation through partnerships with Alliance Manchester Business School, Morgan Stanley and Tower Hamlets’ schools. 

Courses based on the framework are available through the National Talent Academy

Three Futureproof Career Skills that will always be needed

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A Bright Future

At National Talent Academy, we take an unashamedly positive view of the future and try to counteract some of the negativity out there. But our eyes are wide open about the likely pace of change e.g. taxi drivers are right to worry that self-driving vehicles may take their jobs one day.

Why Futureproof Career Skills?

Futureproof Career Skills are those skills and character qualities that will always be needed and valuable in the workplace, whatever the future may hold. With Futureproof Career Skills, young people are being prepared, so that change can actually work in their favour.

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Young people should do something that

  • They love

  • They're good at

  • The world values - and always will

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When an industry is disrupted by change, people with Portable Skills simply move on to other industries that are growing.

Eight Portable Skills needed in every industry

Where do you fit?

Most young people are a good fit for at least one Portable Skill. And they need to identify which Portable Skills they like the sound of.

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Young people need a strong character to seize opportunities and bounce back from setbacks.

Entrepreneurs are a good example

Entprepreneurs need resilience to keep reinventing their model until their vision becomes a reality. But this doesn’t apply ONLY to entrepreneurs. EVERYONE needs proactivity and courage to thrive in a changing world.


Today’s young generation needs to be better at managing change and risk than older generations were. Financial education is more important for young people.

Assets are valuable things that produce an income or other benefits (stuff people need) over time. Creating and improving assets benefits society.
Income-Producing Assets help to futureproof a person’s career by providing an income to fall back on if they are out of work. And having multiple income streams lowers the risk. Examples of assets are given below.

Financial Freedom Blueprint

2-step Financial Freedom Blueprint

  1. Keep lifestyle expenses low and save 10-15% of your income every month.

  2. Buy and build Income-Producing Assets.

This virtuous cycle leads to Financial Freedom over time.

What is meant by Financial Freedom? Why is it important for young people to think about? How can it be achieved?

Financial Freedom means having enough set aside to meet lifestyle expenses, such as a mortgage, even if you have a setback in your career. For many, this may seem like an impossible dream – but there is in fact a well-established formula to achieve this, and it works best when people start young.

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