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It turns out there is an Economic Ranking of Skills that shows which skills are getting LESS valuable which are getting much MORE valuable.

We believe that most jobs in growth industries will center around eight or ten portable job functions that are needed in all industries. Most young people are a natural fit for one of them.

We want to see a world where young people of all backgrounds are empowered to become financially independent of their parents and from the state - both while they are young and throughout their lives. In time, we want to see more and more people become asset owners who build wealth for the benefit of all.


The Economic Ranking of Skills concerns the amount of earnings and certainty of earnings someone can expect during their career. It works like this:


  • The Economic Value in each level is several times higher than the level immediately below

  • People DON’T have to progress through the stages. ANYONE can go straight for number 1.  


The Economic Ranking of Skills is: 

  1. Build Assets

  2. Character

  3. Leadership

  4. Portable Job Functions

  5. Product / Service Delivery

  6. Knowledge 

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